How to convert ipad video to window media

Tablets are really becoming a trend in the world of technology these days – almost every other person I meet tends to fancy an Android or an iOS tablet. But of course, iPad being the trend setter of tablets; has a colossal demand in the overall market. Now let us jump back to our today’s topic – today we will be acquainting you guys to way by which you will be your iPad video to Windows Media Player video format. And just to tell you guys, iPad records your video in MP4 format and Windows Media Player supports WMV format, therefore in other words we will be telling you that how to convert MP4 to WMV by using a MP4 to WMV converter. However, before beginning let us first tell you a little about both these formats.Convert iPad’s MP4 Video to WMV Video 300x173 How to convert ipad video to window media


MP4 is the most common audio and video format which is usually supported by smartphones and tablets just like the iPad. In fact, all these videos which you play online on your phone actually have MP4 format, they cannot run if they are in WMV.


As MP4 is the most commonly used video and audio format in smartphones, similarly WMV format is the most commonly used video and audio format used by a Windows PC which has Windows Media Player installed on it. And just like the previous case, MP4 videos cannot be seen on a WMV supported player.

So by now you must have realized the importance of converting MP4 videos to WMV videos; just take a look at yourself, what if you are bored of watching your birthday video on your small iPad screen and want to run it on your Windows PC. Well doing it is not a rocket science; you will only need to have a MP4 to WMV converter.

How to Convert MP4 (iPad Video) to WMV (Windows Media Player Video) by Using a Converter

Here are the steps for mp4 to wmv converter

  1. The first and the foremost thing you need to do when converting a MP4 video to WMV video is to have reliable converter software. As a matter, there are plethora of converters available on the internet but the best according to us is from Aimersoft, so go ahead and download (Windows, Mac) this video converter first
  2. After you are done downloading with the video converter, go ahead and install it. When done, go to file and then browse and select the video you want to convert. Or the other way round, you can also drag and drop it on the software’s main screen
  3. Now click on the drop down list from Profile of the software and select WMV as an output option. This will command the software to convert your video to WMV
  4. Now the last step is to click on the convert button which is present on the top of the software

Just after a while you video will be fully converted into WMV format.


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